Shop Tips to Save You Money

imagesI love shopping, hello look at the blog title. What I love about buying something that I love it fits like a glove. Perfect size, terrific length, just plain old wonderful. It one of those things that do not happen that often especially off the rack.

Alternatively, that time I bout a television and saved hundreds of dollars because it was the last one, the floor model. It was the last day for the sale and the store was unsure as to when they will have any new ones in. I was able to talk them down and out of two hundred and twenty seven dollars to be exact.

Boy, oh boy, it is a great television too. I still have that high definition, smart to. It is working like a charm.

I even dabble in online shopping. I mean really it is the best of both worlds. You can find a great deal and shop around without having to leave your house. If you are like me, you are on your phone comparing prices while in a store and buying the best right three on the spot. Yes, online shopping has changed the game.

One of my favorite spots is eBay. Many people do not realized the money that can be saved shopping on eBay. I really do not know what rock they are living under but there are people that refuse to shop on eBay and it is mindboggling. I just do not get.

Then there are those that use to shop but feel as though they do not get the same deals that they used to get once upon a time. You know what I tell those people. You are just looking in the wrong places. Searching the wrong things.

Here are my sure fire tips to score great deals on eBay.

First thing you do is look for those listings that have misspelled words and errors. Really, focus on the title of the listing. Many times people, especially those that use an app, make mistakes that go unnoticed. Use this to your advantage by looking and exploiting these mistakes. You can save a bundle and score a terrific deal by doing this, trust me it works.

The next tip I have for you is to shop local. Many times people ignore those folks that are selling for pick up only. On the other hand, they just do not know that that is an option on eBay just like many other websites and apps that allow people to sell their unused items to their area. Although you may have to drive to pick it up instead of enjoying the convince of delivery. The potential of saving a lot of money is too great to ignore.

Shop last minute. EBay has hundreds of thousands of auctions going on at any single time. You need to try to be that last person that comes through, at the last minute, and score a great deal. I know I have bought many a thing during this trick right here and saving bundles. To help you out even more is to utilize one of the many apps that have been created to do just that. Watch and locate last minute deals, then bid for you.

Do not be a dummy in two thousand and sixteen and over pay for gifts, items, and goods. Next year is the year of savings. If you follow these simple tips, you will save a few dollars that can be spent on a great vacation or one of those big-ticket items.

You will not be disappointed. I guarantee.

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