While I was Showering

untitled (7)I cannot believe what just happen to me, what just happen to my house. It is unbelievable. I mean I was upstairs in the bathroom taking a shower before I was about to meet some of my girlfriends for tea and pastries.   I just finished writhing an editorial article and wanted to reward myself. This particle article was hard for me to write for whatever reason.

As I was saying I am there showering then out of nowhere I hear a crack, bang, and the house I am renting shook a little. It was a little alarming. Growing up in California I am use to tremors but where I am at now, the do not have earthquakes. The most anyone has to worry about around here is snowstorms.

When I felt this, I quickly dried off, dressed and made my way outside. I count believe it. A tree limb had fallen on my front porch. Yes, the wind had picked up a bit and blew a weak branch upon my beautiful home.   Granted, it is a temporary one but it is so danggone cute. My lite cottage off the beach.

What is crazy is that I just sign up with this local tree care and lawn services. They are expected to be here in the morning. This could have happen at a worst time. May have they can make an emergency visit and remove the limb.

As I am outside considering, rather I should call and try to have the tree care come out today or just wait for the morning my neighbor came out. He had heard the crash and came out to investigate.

He is such a nice man that he insisted on removing the limb from the front porch and setting near the curb for the tree service and lawn care people to get when they arrive in the morning. Not taking a no he and his three sons removed it, in no time.

Unwilling to accept any money I promised to have each of them and his wife over for dinner next week.

I was ecstatic because not only was I able to avoid having to wait around for the crew to come. I returned to my house and put something a little cuter on that I got from Nordstrom for a great price yesterday.

This is great because it gives me a great idea for my next article. May have something on about communities and neighbor kindness.

I must admit I am grateful that he heard that noise, came out, and check on it. Because I had a wonderful time with my girls. We laughed and reminisced.   It is always nice to see friends after so much time have passed, have the moments of catching up and reliving an hour earlier days. I cannot believe how adult we all are, it seems like it was just yesterday we were hanging out in our dorm rooms trying on each other’s clothes to find the best outfit for whatever party we planned on attending.

If my neighbor had not been so, neighborly I would have had to miss and wait until who knows when we would be able to meet up again like that. Yes, it sure was nice!

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