Shopping for tree service tips

th08U32UTSWhen considering a tree service there are a few things that a person needs to consider and glean before submitting to utilize such a service. Depending on what you may need to have done and perform on your property the job can range from a few dollars to hundreds to thousands. Why waste this money on some company that will do a shabby job or a job at all? One of my pet peeves is to pay to have something done and having to either one correct I, do it yourself, or worst pay to have another come through and do the exact same job. In my experience, it usually will cost more because the fist would have botched the job and the second will have to correct it. This can cost a lot of money.

Here a few things to look for and considering when you are looking to hire a tree service. I find that those that are positive in most if not all is a company worth employing.

Longevity and experience

There is a reason why some companies last a year and those that last many decades. This is one thing that I feel new is not always better. Even if they are offering to do the same job at a lesser price, consider experience. Especially if it will be a complicated job or one that requires much expertise.

Great referrals and references

Ask for references or at least pictures of previous jobs. This should not be a problem for anyone that is running a respectable company. If they seem hesitant or reluctant to do so, then do not hesitate to take leave and take your business elsewhere.

Ask around

I always found that if a person ask around the neighborhood and your family if they can refer a great company for you. If your family were like my family then they would always tell you the truth and want the best for you. They will only give one someone that is relieve, fair, and dependable. Which is what you need at a time like this. Many times we do not think to use a tree service expect in the unlikely event that a tree fall on our home or property. Then we are so disheveled and flustered that sometimes our ability to reason is sometimes muddled. Therefore, we make haste and rash decisions. Try to avoid it will save you money and a headache.

Ask for an arborist

Only the best of the best will have employed an arborist. Many will read this and wonder what an arborist is. Let me tell you then. Some call them tree doctors. Because in fact they are to trees what a specialist is to people. They know, understand, and nurture the growth of trees, shrubs, and other greenery. The knowledge that an arborist beholds is something you will like to have on your side, so solicit that tree care services that employee such a person.

These are just few tips and suggestions as to what to look for in a tree care company. Do not be a fool, do your homework and shop around. There is never a right time to waste money.

Shop Tips to Save You Money

imagesI love shopping, hello look at the blog title. What I love about buying something that I love it fits like a glove. Perfect size, terrific length, just plain old wonderful. It one of those things that do not happen that often especially off the rack.

Alternatively, that time I bout a television and saved hundreds of dollars because it was the last one, the floor model. It was the last day for the sale and the store was unsure as to when they will have any new ones in. I was able to talk them down and out of two hundred and twenty seven dollars to be exact.

Boy, oh boy, it is a great television too. I still have that high definition, smart to. It is working like a charm.

I even dabble in online shopping. I mean really it is the best of both worlds. You can find a great deal and shop around without having to leave your house. If you are like me, you are on your phone comparing prices while in a store and buying the best right three on the spot. Yes, online shopping has changed the game.

One of my favorite spots is eBay. Many people do not realized the money that can be saved shopping on eBay. I really do not know what rock they are living under but there are people that refuse to shop on eBay and it is mindboggling. I just do not get.

Then there are those that use to shop but feel as though they do not get the same deals that they used to get once upon a time. You know what I tell those people. You are just looking in the wrong places. Searching the wrong things.

Here are my sure fire tips to score great deals on eBay.

First thing you do is look for those listings that have misspelled words and errors. Really, focus on the title of the listing. Many times people, especially those that use an app, make mistakes that go unnoticed. Use this to your advantage by looking and exploiting these mistakes. You can save a bundle and score a terrific deal by doing this, trust me it works.

The next tip I have for you is to shop local. Many times people ignore those folks that are selling for pick up only. On the other hand, they just do not know that that is an option on eBay just like many other websites and apps that allow people to sell their unused items to their area. Although you may have to drive to pick it up instead of enjoying the convince of delivery. The potential of saving a lot of money is too great to ignore.

Shop last minute. EBay has hundreds of thousands of auctions going on at any single time. You need to try to be that last person that comes through, at the last minute, and score a great deal. I know I have bought many a thing during this trick right here and saving bundles. To help you out even more is to utilize one of the many apps that have been created to do just that. Watch and locate last minute deals, then bid for you.

Do not be a dummy in two thousand and sixteen and over pay for gifts, items, and goods. Next year is the year of savings. If you follow these simple tips, you will save a few dollars that can be spent on a great vacation or one of those big-ticket items.

You will not be disappointed. I guarantee.

While I was Showering

untitled (7)I cannot believe what just happen to me, what just happen to my house. It is unbelievable. I mean I was upstairs in the bathroom taking a shower before I was about to meet some of my girlfriends for tea and pastries.   I just finished writhing an editorial article and wanted to reward myself. This particle article was hard for me to write for whatever reason.

As I was saying I am there showering then out of nowhere I hear a crack, bang, and the house I am renting shook a little. It was a little alarming. Growing up in California I am use to tremors but where I am at now, the do not have earthquakes. The most anyone has to worry about around here is snowstorms.

When I felt this, I quickly dried off, dressed and made my way outside. I count believe it. A tree limb had fallen on my front porch. Yes, the wind had picked up a bit and blew a weak branch upon my beautiful home.   Granted, it is a temporary one but it is so danggone cute. My lite cottage off the beach.

What is crazy is that I just sign up with this local tree care and lawn services. They are expected to be here in the morning. This could have happen at a worst time. May have they can make an emergency visit and remove the limb.

As I am outside considering, rather I should call and try to have the tree care come out today or just wait for the morning my neighbor came out. He had heard the crash and came out to investigate.

He is such a nice man that he insisted on removing the limb from the front porch and setting near the curb for the tree service and lawn care people to get when they arrive in the morning. Not taking a no he and his three sons removed it, in no time.

Unwilling to accept any money I promised to have each of them and his wife over for dinner next week.

I was ecstatic because not only was I able to avoid having to wait around for the crew to come. I returned to my house and put something a little cuter on that I got from Nordstrom for a great price yesterday.

This is great because it gives me a great idea for my next article. May have something on about communities and neighbor kindness.

I must admit I am grateful that he heard that noise, came out, and check on it. Because I had a wonderful time with my girls. We laughed and reminisced.   It is always nice to see friends after so much time have passed, have the moments of catching up and reliving an hour earlier days. I cannot believe how adult we all are, it seems like it was just yesterday we were hanging out in our dorm rooms trying on each other’s clothes to find the best outfit for whatever party we planned on attending.

If my neighbor had not been so, neighborly I would have had to miss and wait until who knows when we would be able to meet up again like that. Yes, it sure was nice!

Shopping Tips from a Shopaholic

thACZ2MT5UHow was Black Friday for you? It was a hit and a miss for me. I think this may be my last year. Although I am still on the fence about that. Who knows what next year’s shopping event will bring, right. It could be amazing after the disappointment many stores faced this year, oh maybe they will try to compensate for what was lost this Black Friday by offering more and better deals than ever before. Who knows, anything can happen.

I think this shopping holiday would have been ok if I had just tweaked my technique just a little. There were a few things I did and did not do that probably hindered my shopping experience. Although, I was able to make up for these losses later. However, at the time I had no idea that it would happen as it did. I guess everything always works for the best. Am I right?

With all that being said, I would like to share with everyone my mistakes in hopes that no one will have to make them as well when that lovely shopping extravangza weekend rolls around.   Trust me it will be here before you know it.

Set More than One Alarm

I know this is an amateur move but one that I did. I normally wake up somewhat early anyway, just out of habit.   Therefore, I figured I already wake up around that time I will just stay up until it is time for me to make it to the stores. What I did not take into consideration is how dog awful tired I am in the morning. Sometimes after an hour or so of inactivity I tend to fall back to sleep for a few hours. This was one of those days. I was up for like almost two hours, just doing nothing watching to and reading a news article when before I knew it I was waking up again. However, I was lucky. At least I would have been if some other things did not go wrong, but I digress.

Know Your Store

This kind of goes without saying but this is not the time to try out a new mall or location. Go with what you know. That will eliminate any time wasted by trying to locate stores and malls. Better yet, shop in an area that is familiar to you and that have all the spots you will like to hit in one cluster.

Scout Beforehand

This is something I never really thought of before but something that I wished I had done. When I found the items I had on my list that was a “great buy”, I was disappointed that the quality did not live up to what I expected from such a high-end department store. Although the item or items may have been wonderfully priced it also felt as though it was cheaply made. Which disappointment me to no end. This caused a few items to go without being purchased that day.


What I noticed and this was the greatest takeaway this year, is to wait. Do not feel a need to rush and purchased something on that day. Those it is that I was unable to get that weekend I was able to bet the same thing a few weeks later. Actually, I saved more money and I bought better quality items. Unless you are buying some super discounted electronic that has a limited quantity, I would suggest you just wait. Wait and watch for coupons and rewards. Trust me the closer it gets to the end of the year the more these stores seem to be dishing out the savings!

I hope these little tips and suggestion benefits you in some way and makes your time with you family just that time with the family. Not a time to rush and become Super Consumer man!